Windrunner is a fast paced game that combines collecting resources, charging into enemy territory and some very fun game mechanics. This game has something for everyone.

“There is something in the air in the valley of Nausica. It's mostly toxic spores from the Endglow forests but recently there has been something else... an air of potential.

Two rival research teams (Green Co. and White Inc), both harnessing the infamous winds of Nausica, are furiously competing to be the sole provider of power for the new terra-forming complex. Whichever research team can prove they can supply the most power will win the contract and secure the future of their entire division.”

The objective is simple: Build wind mills, maintain supply lines and generate the most power to win the game. There is plenty of room for tactical thinking and it is often the team that works best together that proves triumphant.


92% of the hard workign members of Green Corp and White Inc loved it! All ages and genders loved the game equally. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR STATISTICS)