Spook Squad

Spook Squad is the perfect mix of a station, run-around, and auction game, keeping the campers physically active, mentally absorbed, and working in teams!

Oh no!!! All the ghosts in the containment unit have escaped! Due to a terrible oversight by a politician who switched the power off, camp is now in ghoulish-chaos. And if the ghosts don’t get rounded up quickly, the results will be catastrophic!

The campers will have to help our intrepid Spook Squad to either capture the ghosts or pacify them. The nasty malicious ghosts must be captured, but there are nice ghosts out there, too, whom the campers must help at their stations in order to receive more points. Make sure the ghosts all end up where they’re supposed to be!”

With having ghosts to chase and tasks to solve simultaneously, this ghoulish game combines the most favorable elements of both a run-around and a station game, to create a highly unique all-camp program.


95% of every single Spook Squad player loved it! All ages and genders loved the game equally. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR STATISTICS)