Q. What would a campfire be without skits?

A. Lots of bored campers sitting around watching a flame.

Q. What would you get if you had a campfire with bad/repeated skits?

A. Lots of bored campers sitting around watching a flame…

Skits are the bread and butter of a quality, entertaining and loving campfire with your campers. If you use the same skits every year, your campers may not be looking forward to a time which aims to bring together the community for an enjoyable campfire experience.

In our experience, we have struggled to find skits which include the appropriate elements for good, clean fun. Therefore, many of the skits we offer have either been adapted from the original versions, or created by ourselves. They all meet the following goals:

  • No social cruelty of any kind (if campers see you doing it, they see it as OK)
  • No strong violence, death or suicide
  • No sexual references
  • No cursing or swearing
  • Little or no media referencing
  • They are all genuinely funny!
  • Many are totally unique
  • They open the gateway for creativity – hopefully we’ll be offering you ideas so that you can create some of your own!

A package of 5, high quality campfire skits will cost $100. However, we will give you the opportunity of selecting which 5 you would like for your camp from our skit index!

Please contact us for the skit index, and a description of each skit.