Pick-Up Games

Pick-up games are invaluable resources to any camp program.

We have 75+ games for you to purchase as a handy reference for when you need ice-breakers, have some chill-out time with your campers, or are looking for a way to help refocus your groups’ attention.

Not only will we send you written descriptions of each game, we will also include videos of the games in action.

You may know some of the games already, but we estimate that no less than 30% will be entirely new to you, and for those which are not new, we hope to be providing alternate versions that you may not already know.

These are a selection of what we consider to be the best pick-up games, and we have carefully selected them for you to save you valuable time and resources in researching them all yourself. We have played ALL of these games with our campers and are only including the ones that campers respond to enthusiastically.