Fire Spinning - Poi

Spinning fire with campers? Do we really mean ACTUAL fire on the end of a chain?

Why yes, we do. And let me tell you why…

We’ve been teaching 10-16 year olds how to spin poi for 4 years now. Campers learn the most remarkable coordination through this performance art to impress the socks off their friends and family. They learn that dedicating themselves to practice and perfecting their moves, as well as creating new ones, can be incredibly rewarding. Beyond this, learning how to respect fire and take calculated risks is something very worthwhile for your campers to take home.

Campers practice with many different types of poi, of which we will give you information on where and what to purchase, AND we’ll include highly detailed information on how to make your own!

We’ll also include:

  • A fire-safety manual.
  • Professional guidance on how to spin poi and how to teach it.
  • Tried and tested teaching levels to enhance the learning progression of your campers.
  • Information on how to construct a safe and exciting performance with a group of campers.