Elemental Destiny

An epic premise ties together this sprawling station game. Four individual factions, each with their own style and personality, inhabit this land. The thematic capacity of this game is limited only by your imagination.

“The Elemental Lords, frozen into a deep slumber by their own followers, are now the only hope in the fight against the Goddess Destiny. The citizens of the elemental kingdoms must journey far and wide, completing training stations that test their intelligence, logic, strength and dexterity in order to harness the mighty Wyrd-crystals and set the Elemental lords free. Other challenges await: do you dare cast fortunes against the mighty Destiny herself? Will you be the first to discover and map the realm?

Venture into the Four Elemental Kingdoms, embrace your element, and fight for the wyrd.”

Elemental Destiny has a strong and classic station-game structure that lends itself well to auction/prize nights. The petty conflicts between the separate elements also leaves plenty of room for characters to interact and create a very lively world.


Statistics on this game are still being compiled but will be available soon.