Cabin Activities

Campers love having time to bond with their fellow cabin mates. The collection of cabin activities we have created are intended to be an opportunity to do something fun and special as a group that facilitates connections, teamwork and togetherness.

We have catalogued numerous tried and tested activities which are tailored to create a close-knit environment for small groups of campers. Whether 8 year old boys, or 15 year old girls – we’ve got something for everyone!

The activities range from the standard to the downright bizarre and are all intended to be roughly 1 hour in length. Some examples include:

  • Make a cardboard robot
  • Build a raft and sail it across the lake
  • Painting from the high-ropes course
  • Catapult your food waste
  • Black-light dance party

….and so the list goes on.

Not only do we have this list of 100+ cabin activities available for your purchase, we will also provide you with a very thorough and valuable document explaining the importance of and philosophy behind cabin activities, along with a full explanation for each individual activity. They are separated into the following categories for your ease:

  • Food
  • Pride Project (a way in which campers can help to improve of beautify the camp!)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Specialized Skills (where further help or preparation is needed)
  • Water Activities
  • Village Activities (a large enough activity for a collection of cabins)

Please contact us if you require any further information .