Attack Of The Plutonians

Attack of the Plutonians is a station game with an alien vs. human theme. It allows much freedom of creativity when it comes to characters and costumes!

The natives of Pluto are angry with Earth for demoting them to a measly demi-planet, and they want revenge…. The only person who can stop them is Earth’s hero, Dash Gordy, but just as he is about to disarm their Laser of Mass Confusion, they sneak up from behind and capture him!

Dash obviously can’t do this job alone.”

Campers will complete stations and avoid the eager Plutonians in order to receive clues as to where Dash might be hidden…Attack of the Plutonians is a game of other-worldly proportions which will have your campers itching to save the Earth!


Attack of the Plutonians was written by one of our CIRCLE members (similar to CIT) and was such a success after its first trial that we ran it numerous times. 88% of all campers who played the game rated it very highly, and was most favorably rated by the oldest male campers (11-16) – 98% of them absolutely loved the game! Overall it was only slightly preferred by the older campers, and is a great all-around station game to easily adapt to any camp. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR STATISTICS)