Great Camps Arts Package

Balloon Animals, Candle Making, Corn Husk Dolls, Silk Screening, Tie Dye, Gourd Craft

We’ve put together a perfect collection of 6 traditional camp arts and crafts for you to adapt to your own programming needs!

Making balloon animals and sculptures is a skill, it really is. It is one that our Camp Director honed by spending a year traveling around the world and funding his trip by making balloon animals at markets and on street corners! He claims he could make ANYTHING out of balloons, given enough time and enough balloons

Not only that, but we’ve developed from this an effective way to teach this art to campers so that they progress from learning the basics, to following guidelines for more complex structures and eventually being able to visualize and create anything they want.

Hours and hours can be had with this colourful, creative and fun art making an animal friend, a hat to wear, an airplane or a an alien…we will give you everything you need to learn for yourself and teach to your campers. Maybe one day that’s how they’ll be funding their trip around the world…

Exploring traditional and modern techniques for creating artwork which is both useful and beautiful, our candle making program will tell you all you need to know to run this as an activity at your summer camp.

We cover important information such as which equipment to buy and the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and high quality wax to use. We will show you how to make basic candles with your campers and how to use mould’s safely, how to layer colors and carving patterns into your finished piece.

Safety around hot wax is paramount and we structure this into the lessons we have created, which intend to inspire all campers, from 7 year old girls, to 16 year old boys!

How many campers would love to be able to make their own doll? There’s so much satisfaction to come from creating something that you care about yourself, rather than have it bought for you from a shop.

During the corn husk doll activity, campers can be as creative as they like with the size and proportions of their doll – they could even go crazy and make an alien or a favorite character they have! They can dress their doll, give it facial features and make it unique from all the others.

Our corn husk doll program will explain how to treat the corn, where you can purchase it from, how to teach this activity to children and make their time fun and full of learning!

Silk screening is the method used by professionals to print images multiple times onto paper, fabric, or whatever medium you wish!

Our silk screening activity has been developed to take campers through the entire process, from the considerations needed when working on a design, to making the screen and printing the image. We cover 3 different types of silk screening in our package: stencil method, drawing fluid/screen filler method and the photo emulsion method.

Each method is explained in detail and time estimates are given for the length of each so that you can structure your activity time in accordance. We have lots of great ideas for ways in which to inspire and encourage your campers, including different mediums for printing on. We also provide you with video footage on how to run the lesson and extremely useful information on the best products to buy for your camp’s needs in order to run silk screening.

Tie dye is a wonderfully creative art, and it gives campers the freedom of taking a piece of clothing or cloth and making something completely unique and colourful. Tie dye t-shirts are such a beautiful cliché representation of any campers time at summer camp!

In our tie dye package we can show you many different ways in which to create new and exciting tie dye patterns, we will show you the best and most efficient inks to use and how to effectively complete the process so that campers have their artwork to take home with them by the end of the week. Our lesson plan helps campers to work on moving up to more complex patterns and we give very helpful guidelines to prevent the dye getting on EVERYTHING!! (Unless of course you like the random tie dyed skin look as many of us do!)

A gourd, once harvested and dried, can become the most wonderful blank canvas for a camper. They can be manipulated to become one of an unlimited amount of creations. Campers can cut them, paint them, decorate them, make them into something useful or a stunning piece of artwork to take home and admire….the possibilities are endless.

Our lesson plan takes campers through the different techniques they can use and some of the options they have, but running a gourd craft program is more about nurturing the creative mind of the campers and being on hand to offer help and support if they need it.

We’ll send you photo’s and video’s, lesson plans, info on where to purchase gourds, what materials are best for using as decorations, how to cut them safely and everything else you need to know to nurture our next generation of artists.