All Camp Program (aka 'Master of Fun & Games') Manual

Have you ever wanted to be a Master of Fun and Games (MF & G)? Well, now you can.

This invaluable resource is a well-researched guide to producing your own all-camp program. This manual will guide you through the entire process, beginning with the initial idea, on through the design process, and all the way up to its finish and implementation. It will also suggest ways to help continuously improve the program after its implementation. We’ve used this manual ourselves to produce many of the programs we offer you here.

Excerpt taken from the manual discussing where inspiration may come from:

"Inspiration is the spark that starts it all. I have found that inspiration comes at the strangest times, whilst in the shower, during dreams, or any other inopportune moment when I can’t write it down.  For Spook Squad my inspiration came when I was sitting in my house. I was scanning through the music on the computer, found, and played the Ghostbusters theme tune, “Who You Gonna Call?” I thought to myself that would be a great tune to have in an all-camp program, then I thought, “Well, what about a program based on Ghost Busters?” This is inspiration, it is nothing more than an idea. I have found that you cannot force these ideas, they just appear from time to time, they are like a squirrel, one second you see them the next they have disappeared. When you get an idea you must hold onto it, write it down. It may just be a scribble on a scrap of paper that means nothing to anyone else but it will remind you to do something with it. "

The manual is an incredible 36 pages of type 12 font! Below are the contents included in this manual:

  1. Camp Augusta program philosophy…how does the MF&G’s role relate to this?
  2. Expectations of the MF&G
  3. A week in the life of the MF&G
  4. Points of Consideration when becoming a Maestro (Playstation 101)*
  5. Evening & Weekend programs 101
  6. Evening Programs for Dummies
  7. Weekend schedule
  8. What is KM and why is it important to the MF&G?
  9. The Information Revolution
  10. Principles of dramatic impact -- staging, delivery, timing, etc.
  11. General words to the wise / 10 things to always do
  12. 8 things to never do
  13. How to assign Playstation*
  14. How to run Playstation*
  15. Voting
  16. Picking teams
  17. Referee Training
  18. Appendix
  19. Encyclopedia of Auction Prizes

* Playstation refers to a section of the day which our “Master of Fun and Games” takes charge of – it is a one hour block which offers campers activities which are entirely different to the normal schedule, such as Customise your Clothes, Extreme Egg-Drop or Learn the Thriller Dance. They decide then and there what they want to do, after we “sell” it to them in true summer camp style…

Free! This manual is free if you purchase any 5 of our all-camp programs. These programs do not have to be purchased together, but on your 5th purchase this manual will be sent to you!