All-Camp Programs

Playing a camp-wide program can take both staff and campers on magical journeys into your own mysterious imaginations! With mystical characters, energetic opening skits, and fantasy adventures...all-camp games have come a long way since the traditional 'Capture The Flag!'

Our all-camp program packages offer extensive creativity and trial-and-error knowledge for creating a program which will entertain your campers and staff alike! Included you will find thorough rules, equipment lists, enchanting characters, entertaining and educational stations, safety guidelines, videos, photos, plus much, much more!

Here is some information we have quantified from our own personal research. If you would like to see more about where these figures came from, please do not hesitate to contact us:

It costs around $400 for a person who regularly creates all-camp programs to develop one fully operational one. For those we include on, campers have reported extremely high satisfaction with the programs, averaging 87%. 

We truly believe that new and improved programming actually does keep campers coming back and aids in attracting new ones.

Become Your Own Master of Fun & Games | Including step-by-step instructions, ideas, reasoning, case studies from our programs, and more - the Master of Fun & Games manual is an invaluable resource that can assist your camp in creating high-quality all-camp programs of your own, and can be purchased from our camp resources page. Or, if you purchase 5 of our all-camp programs, you receive the “Master of Fun & Games Manual” for FREE!


Run Around Games

Capture The Flag Not one, not two….but SIX versions of this CLASSIC camp game, all in one package!


Instinct For Survival Herbivores, omnivores, carnivores - get ready! Survive for as long as you can in the search for food and drink!


Nightfall This is a game of survival. Your species (human, vampire or werewolf) must live on.


Windrunner Two rival research teams, both harnessing the infamous winds of Nausica, are furiously competing to be the sole provider of power for the new terra-forming complex.


Wood Between The Worlds Loosely based on the Narnia adventures, can you help the lion and defeat the witch’s spell?


Longer Games (+2 hours)

Crystal Quest Based on a widely admired British challenge game-show from the 1990’s!


Tokoshi's Tower A messy, slimy, dirty, fun game that has the potential to be extended in time. Hugely popular!


Wonderland The Cheshire Cat has gotten sick and tired of the insanity in wonderland and decided that enough is enough. So he's kicked them all into our world.


Other Games

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Full of creative freedom and inspiration!!  This evening program is a musical duel of fun-filled proportions.


Time Castle Dr. Ew, an evil space sorcerer (and vampire) from space, has found a way to compress time in an effort to rule the universe. His newly merged dimension, the Chaos Zone, is slowly expanding into our world and threatens the very fabric of reality.


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Discover What Goes Into Our All-Camp Programs

Station Games

Around The World In 80 Days Teams must act as Phillius Fog and create their journey around the world.


Clue A mystery-centered quest, inviting campers to hunt characters, complete tasks, eliminate suspects and locations, and so much more!


Elemental Destiny The Elemental Lords, frozen into a deep slumber by their own followers, are now the only hope in the fight against the Goddess Destiny.


Incredible Race A speed/teamwork game in which campers are confronted with tales and challenges from all over the globe.


Jungle Fever Campers must prove their worth by completing tasks and receiving a piece of the lost map in return…


King Arthur An historically entertaining game with a twist – tasks must be completed in a certain order, and the campers need to figure that out!


Mission Antartica Beginning with a storytelling night hosted by the King and Queen of Antarctica, the peaceful bliss soon turns into structured mayhem!


Once Upon A Time This takes a spin on the traditional, happily ever after, fairy tale!


Robin Hood The Merry Men have decided to try a new lease on life, so Robin is holding try-outs to find a brave new crew.


Shakespeare Shakespeare has had a head injury, and as a result has forgotten parts to his plays. This has left his characters unable to fix the problems that have arisen.


Time Police Become part of a highly entertaining effort to recapture true accounts of history that were distorted by a cunning villain.


Tribal Survival Designed with teamwork in mind - groups earn points not just by completing tasks, but by doing it together.


Hybrid Games

Attack Of The Plutonians An exciting adventure with an alien vs. human theme.


Spook Squad Oh No! All the ghosts in the containment unit have escaped. Campers - we need your help!


Super Heroes 8 Evil Super Villains have escaped from their holding cells. They want to bring chaos and destruction to all the world.


The Last Camp Crusade Colorado Smith has been kidnapped by guards who claim that he has stolen gems which belong to them… We must help him!


Free Roam Games

Hawaiian Carnival A “carnival”-style event where campers can wander through tropical lands, trying to win as many tickets as they can.


Medieval Night A “carnival”-style game, ending with a Medieval Auction at the end!