Some of the activities included here may be familiar to you, and some may not! We have taken some of our most interesting and popular activities and created packages for you to purchase, which will allow you to easily implement the activity into your programming.

Many of our activities have unique elements to them which you will not find anywhere else, and each package will include everything we have learnt over the years to assist you in building a new program from scratch, or improve an existing program. This saves you plenty of worker-hours, as well as relieves the hassle of trial, error, and lots of research.

Each of our activities is designed to run in roughly 1 hour blocks (with the only exception being stained glass) and many programs include level systems to help your campers advance through the stages of learning for their favorite activities!

To find out more about what is included in each package, please click on the “What You Get” link on each activity page.

Traditional Weaponary
& Skills
Fire/Circus Arts
Music & Drama
Archery & Archery CloutFire Spinning Staff Great Camp Arts PackageEthnic DrummingCrazy Canoe
Throwing Range PackageFire Spinning PoiSilk Painting ImprovHerbal Medicine Making
Ninja TrainingContact JugglingStained GlassAstronomy
Whip & Lasso Paper Marbling  
Sword Fighting & Quarter Staff     
Greek Games    

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